Things to prepare

1.Earphones with a microphone (If you have them, you can listen to the other person's voice more comfortably and deliver your own voice.)

Entering rules

- You can enter the store from 5 minutes before opening. Please click the above URL from your PC or smartphone to enter the store.

- After entering the store, your name will be confirmed by the mother or master for reservation confirmation. Thank you for your understanding.

How to enter

1. Open the specified "online snack" URL in the browser Chrome (Please note that Jitsi cannot be accessed in Edge)

At that time, you may be asked for permission to use the microphone and camera, so allow it in that case.

2. When entering the store for the first time, enter the name you want displayed in the online snack in Please enter your name (red frame) Example: Nickname

3. Click "Join meeting" to enter the room

4. After entering the store, make sure that the microphone and camera are on (the red frame, the image below shows the microphone is on and the camera is off)