YOSHI karaoke&drink(山梨 甲府)

Homely Yamanashi snack "YOSHI karaoke&drink"

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[Snack introduction]

After working as an office worker, she worked at apparel, bars in Roppongi and Yokohama, and was active at a sports club as a hobby dance instructor. After that, I inherited the snack YOSHI from my relatives in Kofu, and now I am working hard!

At the actual shop, you can enjoy Koshu wine , stylish snacks, whiskey, sweet cocktails for women, and draft beer.

At the counter seats, you can enjoy karaoke and chat as usual. The party room can be reserved for companies, class reunions, karaoke competitions, etc. People of all ages are welcome. The gender ratio of our customers is 7 males and 3 females.

<For customers>

It's been 10 years since I took over the restaurant, got married, had a baby, was a new mom, and had children.

And *・゜゚・Night is the Land of Dreams*・.。.:* ・・ *

Please feel free to visit us☆

【store information】

Address: 1-1-6 Chuo, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 10 minutes walk from Kofu Station, Yamanashi Prefecture

From the South Exit of Kofu Station, if you walk for a while with the large statue of Shingen Takeda on your right, you will find yourself in a corner of Kasuga-dori, Ura-Kasuga-dori, and Sakuramachi-dori where restaurants are crowded together.

Phone number: 055-232-9047
Business hours: pm8: 00-last

*This information may differ from the latest information. Please note.

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