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"Ningyocho," located in the heart of Edo at Nihonbashi, is a charming downtown area of Tokyo with a rich history and tradition.This neighborhood with a flair of old downtown Edo is home of Amazake Yokocho street, and is popular among people young and old.

How to get there

From Shinjuku Station: Take the JR Sobu Line and change trains at Akihabara. Take the Tokyo Metro for Nakameguro Travel time: About 30 minutes.
From Tokyo Station:  15 minutes on foot 

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・Amazake Yokocho
・Japanese food(snack)
・Snack bar
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"Ohkannonji" is a temple renowned for its doll memorial services.The iron-cast Seikanzeon Bosatsu located here is designated as a Tokyo Metropolitan Tangible Cultural Property.

◆Amazake Yokocho

The approximately 300-meter street in Ningyocho, believed to have originated from the alley with sweet sake shops referred to as 'Amazake Yokocho.'  Along the street you'll find a variety of vendors selling traditional snacks, classic Japanese and contemporary restaurants, and a select range of retail outlets.


◆Japanese food(snack)

Ningyocho, where buildings from the Edo period and traditional Japanese confectionery shops with centuries-old history still stand, is a nostalgic district showcasing the essence of 'wa' (Japanese culture). It's a perfect spot for a gourmet stroll immersed in 'wa' flavors.


"Ningyo-yaki" involves wrapping sweet red bean paste in dough, grilling it in the shape of a doll. 

・Kawara senbei

"Kawara senbei" is a traditional Japanese rice cracker, shaped like a square tile and often found in places like Kyoto. It has a thin, crispy texture and is a popular souven



"Inarizushi" is a type of sushi with rice wrapped in sweetened fried tofu pouches, often topped with ingredients like fried egg and pickled ginger.

◆Snack bar

"You can find Japanese pub where you can enjoy a casual atmosphere along with a variety of dishes and drinks, making it a popular spot for socializing.
owa era.


◆Enjoy Japanese pub crawl in Tokyo with us!◆

We take you to Japanese local night life. Snack is Japanese local pubs."Yokocho" is "alley" or "shopping lane". It’s located in retro street. You can feel Japan life with us. Let's enjoy Japanese night!!

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