[New fact] Suna women are increasing in online snacks? ! The user breakdown is a surprising result...!

If you think that “snacks are where uncles and salaried workers go”, that way of thinking may be outdated. Nowadays, it seems that the number of girls who enjoy snacks, so-called "sna women", is on the rise.

Currently, " Online Snack Yokocho ", where you can experience snacks online, is a service that started as a relief activity for snacks in a difficult situation due to the effects of this new coronavirus, and even now, many people from Japan and overseas are visiting the site. Visit, choose your favorite store from various snacks, and enjoy online snacks from home.

However, the breakdown of the users is a surprising result...! ! !

[Surprising result 1] 60% of all customers are snack beginners

Surprisingly, about 60% of all customers are snack beginners who have never used snacks before. According to users, "I was interested in snacks until now, but I didn't have the courage to open the door. It's easy to use online." There are many people who say, "I tried using it because the time is clear," and more and more people are making their snack debuts because of the sense of security unique to online.

Satisfaction with reviews posted after use is very high, and the repeat rate keeps about 50%.

[Surprising result 2] Half of the customers are female customers

・ "I used it for the first time at the second party of the online girls ' association. I was asked for a romance consultation, so I had to extend it because I didn't have enough time."

・"I felt that going to an actual snack bar alone was a high hurdle. I was happy to be able to go to a snack bar online."

Snacks that specialize in romance consultations, snacks with transsexual moms, and snacks that give you a feeling of traveling, such as local information and dialects of moms in Hokkaido, Yamagata, and Miyazaki prefectures, are gaining popularity.

In this way, changes that have never been seen before in the snack industry are being seen, and a new wind is blowing in the Japanese snack culture. If you haven't experienced snacks yet, why don't you take advantage of online snacks on this occasion?

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