[Introduction to snacks 2] Points for "choosing a shop for the first time"

Today is the second time of [Introduction to Snacks].

I'd like to go to a snack, but I've never been. First of all, what kind of place is a snack? What's the difference with clubs?

This is an introductory course for "snack beginners" that is perfect for those who have such questions.

We will delve into the How Tow of snacks that are full of deep charm and eliminate anxiety about snacks.

If you know this, you will surely be able to make a “snack debut even by yourself”. There is no doubt that it is such a series.

This time, we will introduce the points of "choosing a shop for the first time".

[Introduction to Snacks ②]

One before "shop selection",

≪Recommended hours≫

Is there a time when it is easy for even beginners to have snacks?

Snacks are characterized by many people visiting after parties and staying for a long time.

Therefore, the later it gets, the busier it gets with more customers.

If you are a beginner, we recommend going a little earlier around 19:00 to 20:00 !

You will have time to talk slowly with mom and master.

Also, if you want to visit when it's lively, we recommend visiting between 22:00 and 23:00 .

You will also enjoy communicating with regular customers.

▼Choosing a store for the first time ① - Guess the store from the signboard and store name -

The important thing in choosing a shop is to guess what kind of shop it is before opening the door.

The point to see is the "signboard". You can get a lot of information from there.

From the design and store name, you can predict the tastes of moms and masters and the atmosphere of the store.

The font, the number of characters, and the background color can also be helpful.

As a trend, shop names that use English such as "Angel" and "smile" are young moms. If it is a name system such as "Mariko" and "Chiyo", it is easy to guess the mother's generation.

▼ "Choosing a shop for the first time ②" - Listen carefully

Once you've guessed what's inside the store, try listening to it near the door.

You may be able to hear overheard voices or karaoke songs.

You can see what's going on inside.

"I wonder if the seats are full because it's exciting." "I know this song! I wonder if it will be accepted."

Imagining the store like that is also a pleasure.

▼ "Choose your first store ③" -5 cm gap-

It's a little scary to suddenly open the door.

First, open the door about 5 centimeters and take a peek inside the shop.

Please try to open it. If you open it too much, the store staff will notice. There are also shops where the bell rings when the door is opened vigorously.

Well, what do you see?

counter? Whole store? can you see mama? How many customers do you have?

If you feel a strange atmosphere in which only the mother and one man do not seem to talk in particular, that person may be the role of the mother's bodyguard.

It is also important to be conscious of avoiding entering the store if you feel any discomfort.

how is it? Did you get an image of "shop selection"?

Use this as a reference for finding snacks that suit you.

At "Online Snack," you can check information about moms, prices, and reviews in advance on their website, so you can rest assured. I think it would be a good idea to experience “online snacks” before going to the actual store.

Around here today.

Next time, I will talk about "Points to note after entering the store".

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