[Introduction to Snacks 3] Points to note after entering the store First, “Should be”

Today is the 3rd time [Introduction to Snacks].

I'd like to go to a snack, but I've never been. First of all, what kind of place is a snack? What's the difference with clubs?

This is an introductory course for "snack beginners" that is perfect for those who have such questions.

We will delve into the How Tow of snacks that are full of deep charm and eliminate anxiety about snacks.

If you know this, you will surely be able to make a “snack debut even by yourself”. There is no doubt that it is such a series.

This time, following "Choosing a restaurant for the first time", I will introduce "Points to note after entering the restaurant".

[Introduction to Snacks ③]

▼Points to note after entering the store ①-"Price negotiation" at the time of entering the store-

The first thing you should do after entering the store is "negotiate the price".

Be sure to confirm the price before being shown to your seat.

First of all, try to ask, "What is the fee structure?"

If you have a limited budget, ask honestly, "Is it okay to spend 〇〇 yen?" There is also

Conversely, beware of shops that do not tell you a clear price or dodge it.

Also, if you're worried about the staff's attitude or way of speaking, check the price and say, "I'll come again."

Even if you regret it after you get to your seat, it's hard to leave.

▼Points to note after entering the store ② - Distance from regulars -

If you are experiencing snacks for the first time, you may be confused by the unfamiliar atmosphere.

Mothers and masters will create opportunities for conversation, such as "Why did you come to this store?" and "Where do you usually drink?"

▼Points to note after entering ③ - To enjoy karaoke -

At snacks, you can basically sing any song. Even if you have a lot of older customers, the latest hits may be appreciated. However, selection of music that breaks the atmosphere of the place is NG.

For example, after the person in front of you sings a gentle song, you can put in an intense song. Avoid surprising other customers.

If in doubt, ask your mom or master. They will help you with the timing of putting in songs and creating the atmosphere in advance.

What do you think? After entering the store, do you have an image of what you should be careful about when enjoying snacks?

After negotiating the price, all you have to do is enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

At "Online Snack," you can check information about moms, prices, and reviews in advance on their website, so you can rest assured. I think it would be a good idea to experience “online snacks” before going to the actual store.

In the next installment, I will introduce the "Eight Tips for Snacks".

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