[Introduction to Snacks 1] What kind of places are snacks?

I'd like to go to a snack, but I've never been. First of all, what kind of place is a snack? What's the difference with clubs?

An introductory course for "snack beginners" that is perfect for those who have such questions. From today, I will introduce you several times.

We will delve into the How To of snacks filled with deep charm and eliminate anxiety about snacks.

If you know this, you can make your snack debut today!

[Introduction to Snacks ①]

What kind of places are snacks?

“Snack” provides a homely space where mothers and masters serve customers over the counter, where customers of different ages who usually do not get involved can interact and become one.

Visitors come from all walks of life and occupations, and you can hear various stories from the regulars, making it the perfect place to learn how to socialize.

In rural areas, people who are full of local love gather, and tourists who visit the area sometimes provide information that is not included in guidebooks, such as specialty products and sightseeing information.

▼The biggest attraction is “Mama & Master”

The most attractive thing about snacks is “mama” and “master”.

There are many regulars who come here for the mother's personality and customer service.

A good listener will listen to your worries about work and home. A well-spoken mom will get you involved well. If you are a mom who is good at cooking, the snacks are exquisite.

Finding out what kind of mom suits you is one of the pleasures.

Here are the snacks that are currently open ✨
If you click on the shop you are interested in, you can see the personality of the mom and the state of the shop! Find your favorite shop 😊

▼How much does it cost?

It may be the most worrisome part. There is no price listed outside the shop or on the signboard, so you may feel uneasy.

A representative pricing system for snacks is as follows.

≪Basic “set fee”≫

Seating fee + alcohol, snacks, water & ice, all-you-can-sing karaoke

The set fee varies from 3,000 yen to 8,000 yen depending on the shop.

〖*Attention here! 〗Depending on the shop, there may be additional charges for beer, ice, karaoke, snacks, etc.

Be sure to check the price when you enter the store! !

Today is up to here. "What kind of place is a snack?" Did you understand a little?

Use it as a reference to find snacks that suit you.

At "Online Snack," you can check information about moms, prices, and reviews in advance on their website, so you can rest assured. How about going to the actual shop after experiencing "online snacks"?

Next time, we will introduce the points of "choosing a shop for the first time". looking forward to.

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