[Snack introductory course ⑤] Eight rules for snacks

Today is the 5th installment of [Introduction to Snacks].

Finally, this introductory version of snacks is coming to an end.

Now that you know the basics of snacking, is there anything else you'd like to know more about? For those of you wondering, here are some real-life examples.

If you know these "Eight Tips for Snacks", you should be able to eliminate your anxiety and make your snack debut even by yourself!

[Eight Rules for Snacks]

Snack Tips Part 3

Customer A: "Where are you from? Do you have a boyfriend?"

Mom: “A newspaper reporter?”

≪Point≫ Excuse me for digging roots and leaves. If you open up, they will speak naturally.

Snack Tips Part 4 "Points to be aware of when karaoke"

(during karaoke)

Customer A: “Well then, that person is~ couscous.”

Customer B "Nanisole!! It's super funny!!"

≪Point≫ Clap when the song ends! Protect your manners and improve your favorability!

Violation of manners is a taboo act. Enjoy yourself in moderation.

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