[Snack introductory course ④] Eight rules for snacks

Today is the 4th installment of [Introduction to Snacks].

So far, we have introduced the “attractiveness of snacks” and “choosing a shop for the first time”.

You know the basics of snacking, but isn't there something else you should know more about? Some of you may have questions.

fine. Today, I'm going to show you a concrete example of what can actually happen. If you know this, you should be able to eliminate your anxiety and make your snack debut even by yourself!

[Eight Rules for Snacks]

Snack Tips Part 1 "Don't enter without mom's permission"

Customer: “I’m sorry…it’s my first time…is it okay?”

Mama: "Ah, I'm sorry for now..."

≪Point≫ If you are visiting a shop for the first time, don't rush into the shop on your own.

Snack Tips Part 2 "Selfish Customers"

Mom: "What are you drinking?"

Customer A: “Please dilute with water♪”

Customer B: “I can’t see the lyrics…”

≪Point≫ Do not block the karaoke screen or disturb the singing! Cherish the feeling of "I will disturb you".

First-timers are of course welcome, but it is also a snack that values ​​the connection with regular customers. Check with your mom or master and enjoy. As long as you don't disturb the atmosphere, you'll be fine!

Next time, I will introduce the continuation of my knowledge. around here today.

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