[Snack introductory course ⑥] Eight rules for snacks

[Introduction to snacks] This is the 6th time.

Don't call me a snack beginner anymore! So far, you have provided us with a lot of information. Also, the introductory part is almost over. It's the last 2 times including today!

You've learned the basics of snacking in this "8 Tips for Snacking", but isn't there something else you should know more about? For those of you wondering, here are some real-life examples.

If you know this, you should be able to eliminate your anxiety and make your snack debut even by yourself!

[Eight Rules for Snacks]

Snack Tips No. 5 "Karaoke Antimonopoly Act"

Customer A "Ah, my song again♪ Yay!"

Customer B: “You like singing~ Hahaha…”

Mom: "Hahaha..."

≪Point≫ No monopoly on karaoke! Some people are waiting their turn.

Snack Tips Part 6 "Don't be a troubled tongue customer!"

Customer A: “Ehehehe…my eyes are spinning~”

Mama: "I can't just leave the girl outside...I'm in trouble.."

≪Point≫ No drunkenness allowed! Even if it's not a snack, it's NG as a girl! !

Violation of manners is a NG act. Let's enjoy with moderation ♪

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