Final [Snack Introductory Course 7] Eight Tips for Snacks

[Snack Introductory Course] Finally, it's the final time.

What kind of place is Snack? What's the snack price? Are there unspoken rules? So far, we have answered many questions.

How do you feel about this?

Um, it might take some courage to open the big door, but at first you should just open it gently and see how it goes.

If you don't understand something, ask your mom or master.

You should leave it to moms and masters to create air.

I'm sure you'll be fine! Feel free to drop by for a snack♪

And in this "Eight Tips", I have introduced "something" in snacks.

Today I will introduce the last two. Please refer to this as well.

[Eight Rules for Snacks]

Snack Tips No. 7 "Selfish customers in trouble"

Customer A: “Oh, that was fun! Then I’ll go home.”

Customer B: "What is it... while people are singing..."

Mom: "I wish I could wait until the song ends..."

≪Point≫Let's read the timing and atmosphere! I hate being selfish.

Snack Tips No. 8 "Aim for stylish customers"

Customer A: “Something is really comfortable here~”

Mom: “But is the last train okay?”

Customer B: “Then, I will come again.” “Thank you for the meal.”

Mom: "Oh thank you! Please come again."

≪Point≫ Know when to withdraw!

Aiming to be a stylish customer with an understanding of when to leave!

This may be important for a snack bar with many regular customers.

You may feel uneasy when there are various points to be careful about, but all you have to do is observe the minimum manners and do not break the atmosphere of the place.

It's okay ♪ Please put what I've introduced so far in a corner of your head and take the first step.

For those who find it too difficult to actually go there, I think it would be a good idea to find a shop that suits you and then go to the actual store.

Online snacks are safe because you can check the price, mom's atmosphere, and reviews in advance.

Enjoy snacks in your own way by combining online snacks and real snacks.

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